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We’re proud to say that we’re the top reviewed fence building company in Framingham. Nelson Fence Co has been building fences for over 11 years – helping the Brazilian and Framingham communities increase their property value, security and privacy.  As the most reliable Framingham fence company, we focus on building quality fences and creating happy customers. To view all of our fence galleries, visit the following page: Fence Installation Company.

Fence Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

Nelson Fence Co offers a wide array of fence building services for commercial and residential properties in Framingham. With each fence that we build, we aim to increase your property value, increase your privacy, and increase your security. We provide a vast array of fence options such as:

Besides Framingham, Nelson Fence Co also services most of Massachusetts and parts of Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The areas where our customers find us the most include: Auburn, Worcester Sutton and Natick.

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Nelson Fence Co, A Framingham Fence Company

Framingham, MAFramingham is rich in history. In just the last 5 years, Framingham has shifted from being a town to a city, and has become the first city in Massachusetts to elect an African American mayor. Although the present is rich in history, so is the past. Prior to the American civil war, Framingham was a gathering spot for the abolitionist movement and the town itself greatly contributed to the various American wars.

Today, Framingham is a city booming with culture. Known for its racial diversity, some even call it “mini-Brazil” due to the massive number of Brazilian restaurants, businesses and immigrants. Framingham’s beautiful communities have been dramatically increasing in value over the last decade – it’s a popular city for real estate investing and residential life on the outskirts of Boston.

As the top rated Framingham Fence Company, we’re here to do our part in building up the community. By building quality fences and repairing old ones, we increase property values, community safety, and property privacy. Give us a call today and ask about our fence building projects to learn more.

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