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Nelson Fence Co has been serving the residents of Auburn, MA for over a decade by building new fences and repairing old ones. Auburn is such an iconic town because it’s where Nelson Fence Co first began. Chances are, when you’re driving down the residential neighborhoods of Auburn, you’ll be looking at fences built by Nelson Fence Co.

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Nelson Fence Co offers a comprehensive suite of fence options for both commercial and residential properties in Auburn. Visit our page to see the different styles and galleries of fences at Fence Company.

With each fence that we build, we aim to increase your property value, increase your privacy, and increase your security. We provide a vast array of fence options such as:


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Auburn, MAOriginally known as “Ward”, Auburn has been around Massachusetts since colonial times. The land mass that now makes up Auburn, used to be considered the lands on the outskirts of Worcester.

On April 10th, 1778 the lands of the outskirts of Worcester officially became “Ward” and later in 1837 was renamed to Auburn. Since it’s colonial founding, Auburn has made an economic shift from agricultural farms to industrial and business development. With many of its residents seeking employment in other towns such as Worcester, Sutton, Natick, Framingham and Cambridge, Auburn is now a flourishing residential area. For the last decade, Nelson fence co has been the premier Auburn fence company providing fence installation, fence repairs, and free on-site estimates.

Today, Auburn is one of most coveted residential areas and most homes have some form of fence to increase property value.

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For over a decade, Nelson Fence Co has been the go-to and most reliable fence building company in Auburn. Chances are that one or more than one of your neighbors has had a fence installed by one of our professionals. If you’re considering getting a fence then we are here to help and answer all questions. We suggest that you start by browsing our gallery of fences and completed projects – this will give you a good idea of what styles are most attractive to you. After that, we are happy to provide you with a free on-site estimate and to discuss the advantages/disadvantages of each type of fence.

Auburn Fence Company

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When the railings come in position, commence attaching the pickets into the Auburn fence company railings. Assembling a fencing maintain critters and may help improve house stability. Popular kinds of fences consist of solitude, picket, divide rail and basket-weave and certainly will be drawn up from these substances including vinyl, wood and metal.

Auburn fence company

Mastering how to assemble a weapon involves procuring the articles, attaching the Auburn fence company panels pickets and supplying informative caps. That you want that satisfies your residence and area Auburn fence company when setting up a fencing organize the sort of fencing. Auburn fence company Harness just about every cap softly using a rubber mallet till finally eventually every fits tightly on the pole. Fence installation auburn Someone employs an electrical drill to add weapon pickets into some railroad. Fence installation auburn Hint: To assistance choosing in amongst your kinds of fences, visit our guidebook at top facts to think about when arranging for a fencing. Prior to you develop a fencing, figure out if it’s the license is essential of course should local construction codes set constraints on elevation and also other elements. Fence installation auburn Fences are restricted by 6 to 2 ft. For a courtesy, examine any fencing plans together with neighbors that talk about your premises to go off any prospective disputes.

Fence installation auburn

Fences frequently might have more lifestyles predicated in their own construction substances. Among the absolute most lasting, cedar, continues as much as forty years after installed and maintained. Fence installation auburn Subtract the gate footage out of the weapon footage to  Fence installation auburn find out the frames of this weapon, then split the mark of fencing from the plank span of this style weapon you’ve have selected. fence repair auburn This can decide pickets the entire fence panels that you require. Footage that is Staying will take a panel. If working with pickets, select the picket width to estimate breadth and spacing among pickets. fence repair auburn Should you employ plastic, string aluminum or link for the weapon, utilize deck screws rather than claws. Following establishing a fencing,  fence repair auburn staining or fixing the timber may function as the initial thing to do up proper care that may expand its lifetime. Someone employs spray paint to indicate the positioning of the fence.

fence repair auburn

Placement the article within the center of the cement combination, which makes positive to incline the concrete mixture apart from this article. Placement the fencing articles each and just about each 6 to 2 fence repair auburn feet over the point exactly wherever you are interested in getting the weapon to endure out. Ensure that the spaces among your articles really are all consistent. Connect Rails or Panels to Articles fence repair auburn Someone adds rosemary into a pit to get a fence article. Safe every picket using No. 8 2 1/2-inch deck screws or galvanized 10-D x ray 3-inch claws. Screw-driver places could be useful in this procedure. Mastering howto construct a fencing may call for careful construction and planning,  fence repair auburn however a do-it-yourself fencing can enhance your house’s physical visual appeal and also security. Learn more In the event that you would like to get a really good specialist to create a fence in your own premises. fence company To complete construction a weapon, join the article caps into your articles. Ascertain in which you would like to find your dividers and spray on paint parallel lines to signify that the gate positioning. Quantify and record each of of terrace measurements. When the holes have been dug, pour three to 4 fence company inches of sand farther down the bottom of this pit to get good drainage. As soon as the weapon is in position, use paint, blot or some weather proofing finish depending on manufacturer guidelines. Fence company Stain or Heal the Wooden In the event the fencing is made of pressure-treated timber, wait patiently before timber has dried just prior to applying finish or stain. Wooden must not require waterproofing or maintaining. Using a pole hole digger, dig holes somewhere around 3 Fence repair 3 percentage as heavy since they’re tall (an 8-foot pole requires a hole in 2 1/2 toes heavy ), and a couple of inches to dirt. Stay away from plumbing and utility lines. In colder climates, dig under the freeze line. fence repair employ new coats each and each 2-3 decades, and don’t forget to wash out the fencing having a fence or wood cleaner daily prior use. Plumb article using some degree. Insert Concrete and Gravel and Ranking Articles fence repair Utilize chalk outlines as being a direct. Employ wood pulp round the bottom poles to stop the timber from rotting. For every single panel along with tight panel, then insert just two to derive from the entire fence articles essential, also, in the event that you’re adding pole caps, then the variety of pole covers required and also some other trimming demanded. fence installation Decide on your weapon type so that you may establish the readily accessible widths of every and every weapon panel. Twist Article Caps When the cement has healed, join the timber fencing railings or timber fencing panels into your articles. Someone employs an electrical drill to fasten a railway to some weapon. Someone starts a fence having a paint brush. Panels are generally quicker to make. When the panels have been fastened to your articles, if you’re employing panels, then visit stage. Ascertain your premises (your utility organization may aid ) and the method that you need your weapon set in connection with it. Stick to the company’s directions to enable drying and healing period, which might use upto 3 times. Twist Pickets into Rails Summarize your suggested fencing lineup using spray paint, then subsequently assess the outline of one’s weapon perimeter having a measuring wheel. fence repair and installation in Auburn Massachusetts. Insert 6 to 2 inches of concrete mixture when the dirt is put. Safe every railing with No. 8 2 1/2-inch deck screws or galvanized 10-D x ray 3-inch claws. Claw hammers or Strength drills are equipment to this particular measure. Auburn, Massachusetts Someone employs a Post hole digger whilst still building a weapon. Hint: particular person tickets in many cases are additional attractive in your slopes, so permitting one to develop a direct line on the other side of the most notable. Quantify and Set From the Fence-posts Someone employs a mallet into your hook a pole cap into some weapon.

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