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Our dedication to quality fencing and superior customer service has been unmatched since 2010.

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Licensed, Bonded and Insured, Nelson Fence Co is the top rated fencing company in Massachusetts with a wide variety of service locations. Our commitment to providing quality work, reliable fencing experts, and exceptional customer service is the reason we’ve maintained our perfect customer rating.

Our mission is to provide you with the ultimate fencing experience when it comes to:

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Who Nelson Fence Company Is

Like many family-owned companies, Nelson Fencing Company was built on hard work, exceptional customer service and the support of its clients. In 2010, unsatisfied with the quality of work being offered on the market, Nelson Eleuterio founded Nelson Fence Co as the premier fencing company in Massachusetts in Auburn, Worcester, Sutton, Framingham and Natick.

Our launch and growth has been incredible. By focusing on providing the best possible customer experience, we’ve become one of the biggest and most highly rated fence companies in less than 10 years. We’re proud of our company – our customers are openly grateful to us for being transparent,  and providing the highest quality services. 

We believe that providing quality services is the foundation to a great relationship with our customers. Give us the opportunity to earn your business.

We're the Top Rated Fence Contractors in Worcester, MA

The professionals at Nelson Fence Company are the top rated fence contractors in several areas. We’re rated #1 as the:

Our hundreds of five star reviews and successful projects come from our commitment and dedication to providing our fence installation and repair clients with superior quality work, responsive service, and a fast delivery.

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