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Nelson Fence Company provides fence building services across Massachusetts, parts of Rhode Island and New Hampshire. As a fence building company, we’re equipped to take on both residential and commercial fence projects at your convenience. Nelson Fence Co strives to earn your loyalty through exceptional customer service and quality fencing.

Fence Installation

Nelson Fence Co offers a comprehensive suite of fence options for both commercial and residential properties in Auburn. With each fence that we build, we aim to increase your property value, increase your privacy, and increase your security. We provide a vast array of fence options such as:

While Nelson Fence Co services all of central Massachusetts and Eastern MA, we understand that you might want to know where most of our work is done. We have a strong presence and have greatly helped the following communities:

Fence Repairs

Got a damaged fence? Nelson Fence Co can take a look at it. Our craftsmen are able to repair fences of any kind. Just use the contact form to the right and we’ll be in touch with you.

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Should You get a Fence Installed?

We asked our customers why they got a fence and the responses usually fell into three categories:

Fences Increase Privacy

Some customers installed fences to increase privacy. They wanted themselves and their children to have privacy from neighbors and street traffic. If you want to prevent snooping neighbors or driving strangers from having full viewing access to your property, then you probably want to get a fence.

Fences Increase Security

Having a fence dramatically increases security. To start with, it protects your pets from stray animals and from escaping. More importantly though, it protects your children when they’re out playing in the yard by keeping them out of sight from driving strangers and street traffic. Additionally, having a fence makes a statement that you care about security. This alone is enough to deter some criminals from wanting to break in.

Fences Increase Property Value

Some of our customers just wanted a fence either because it increases property value, increases neighborhood value or because their neighbors had one. Not only does installing a fence make your home look better but it increases appraisal values for yourself and potentially your community.

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Fence Installation Styles

Fence Installation

Nelson Fence Co offers a free on-site estimate for all fence installation projects in Auburn. Our company is licensed, bonded, insured and we guarantee customer satisfaction. If you have questions and want to learn more about the different fence types, contact us. We’re the Auburn Fence installation experts.

Fence Repair

Got a broken or damaged fence? Nelson Fence Co works with all materials to help repair your fence. We understand that Massachusetts has a harsh environment and we’ll repair your fence to make it last. Work with the top rated Auburn fence company, work with Nelson Fence Co.

Residential Fences

Increase your privacy, security and property value with a beautiful residential fence. Chances are when you drive through Auburn, the top fences were installed by us. We offer free on site estimates and guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with what your new fence.

Commercial Fences

Looking to protect your business? Nelson Fence Co works with businesses across Massachusetts to install metal, security, farm, chain-link, pool, and beauty fences. We’re experts when it comes to town codes, licenses, and fencing regulations. Contact us for a free on-site estimate from one of our licensed professionals. 

Cedar Wood Fences

Cedar wood fences are a great because aside from their aesthetics, they’re also more durable than pine wood fences. Additionally, cedar wood fences repel insects and resist rot through their natural oils.

Wooden Board Fences

Wooden board fences are a cost effective solution for fencing. They’re durable, easy to install, and quick to put up. Wooden fences are customizable and blend well with almost in any environment.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are the most standard type of business and security fence. They’re a cost effective solution for any business owner looking for additional protection.

Metal Fences

Metal fences are a premium type of fence that provides aesthetics, durability and an extremely wide range of designs. Metal fences can be used both for luxury homes and businesses that want to boost their security and property value.


Pergola fences are an incredible way to beautify your property. Pergola fences are easily customize – creativity is the only limit. Got a few ideas? Contact Nelson Fence Co, the best fence company in Auburn, for a free on-site estimate.

Aluminum Fences

Alumnium fences are primarily used a cost effective fence solution when dealing with sloped terrains. They’re easily customizable, look great, and will keep your children/pet safely inside. 

Steel Fences

Steel fences are incredibly durable and last longer than most other fence installations. Steel fences can be used for aesthetics or for safety. Let the top rated auburn fence company know what you’re looking for in your fence.

Farm Fences

Farm fences protect your livestock, crops, and land. The value of a farm fence isn’t measured in feet, it’s measured in years. Because of the unique purpose of farm fences, Nelson Fence Co understands that durability & reliability are the main qualities you will need.

Security Fencing

Protect your business and your employees with security fencing. Nelson Fence Co is licensed and can provide both commercial fencing and residential fencing solutions.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is one of the most common residential fence installation solutions. Vinyl fences are low maintenance, durable, cost effective and look great in almost any environment.

Picket Fences

Picket fences are a stylish, cost effective, and quick to install type of residential fence solution. Although not as durable as a metal fence, picket fences are still reliable and low maintenance.

Split Rail Fences

Split rail fences have a unique rustic appeal. They’re a cost effective solution that can easily be upgraded with wire or chain link for additional security.

Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron fences are associated with high value and elegant homes. When it comes to fence installation, they’re as high quality as it gets. A properly installed wrought iron fence will last for years to come as they’re extremely durable. Lastly, wrought iron fences are amazing for security.

Pool Fencing

The fence installation pros at Nelson Fence Co know pool fencing code of Auburn and consult on what type of fence to build. Contact us for a free on site estimate.

Why Hire Nelson Fence Co for your installation, repair or gate


Nelson Fence Co has more combined experience than any other fence company in Central MA. Our licensed experts have been collectively building quality fences for over 150 years in Auburn, Worcester, Sutton, Framingham, Natick and New Hampshire.


Nelson Fence Co has maintained an untarnished and perfect reputation with all of our clients for over a decade. Our dedication to quality craftsman ship and customer service shows. When you work with Nelson Fence Co, you can confidently expect to work with one of the most reputable fence companies in MA.

Customer First Service

We're a family owned company and when you work with us, you become an extension of our family. Our customer reviews are perfect because we'll treat you with respect while guaranteeing satisfaction with the fence you're getting. Work with the #1 fence company in MA, work with Nelson Fence Co.


A fence isn't measured by the feet, it's measured by how many years it will last for. Nelson Fence Co only works with premium fence materials to build quality fences. In Massachusetts, fences have to endure the harsh winters, hot summers, spring downpours, and fall foliage. Nelson Fence Co understands that and is committed to only building reliable fences.

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